What is Rattan Cane Webbing?

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What is Rattan Cane Webbing?

Indonesia is the largest rattan producer in the world. Indonesia, with its fertile soil and tropical climate, is a paradise for many flora, including rattan plants.

Rattan Webbing is a handicraft art that uses rattan or bamboo to make various items such as baskets, chairs, tables and wall hangings. Rattan Webbing has been around since ancient times and is still widely used today.

The process of making rattan woven begins with selecting and preparing the rattan material. Furthermore, rattan fiber is shaped and woven by hand or using a special woven tool. There are several woven techniques that are commonly used in making rattan woven, such as basic woven, wicker woven, Balinese woven, and many more. Each technique has different patterns and methods, resulting in a unique look and texture in the woven items. 

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